Monday, August 25, 2008

Kristine W - Land Of The Living EP

Kristine W - "Land Of The Living"
The Remixes EP / 320 Kbps

Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Radio Mix)

Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Radio Edit)

Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Club Remix)

Land Of The Living (Junior's New Vocal Mix)

Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Vocal)

Land Of The Living (Deep Dish Land Of The Lost Vocal Mix)

Land Of The Living (Dekkard's Planet Vocal Mix)

Everything But The Girl - Driving (CDS 1&2)

Driving (CD Single 1 of 2)
320kbps / Click Image 4 HQ Scan

1.Todd Terry Freeze Mix
2.Todd Terry Mix
3.Masters At Work Racing Mix

Driving (CD Single 2 of 2)
320kbps / Click 4 HQ Scan

1. The Underdog Mix
2.T's Frozen Mix
3.Todd Terry Rubba Dub Dub
4.Masters At Work Dub

Vernessa Mitchell - This Joy (US CD MAXI)

Vernessa Mitchell - "This Joy"
1999 Groovilicious Records
Click Above for HQ Scans / 256VBR

1. This Joy (Junior's Radio Mix)
2. This Joy (Razor & Guido Radio Mix)
3. This Joy (Razor & Gudio Extended Mix)
4. This Joy (Junior's Extended Mix)
5. This Joy (Razor & Gudio Dub)

Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up (CD 1 &2)

Funky Green Dogs - "Fired Up"
1996/1997 Twisted America Records.

1. Fired Up (Twilo Anthem Edit)
2. Fired Up (Murk's Original Groove)
3. Fired Up (Club 69 Future Mix)
4. Fired Up (Club 69 Future Dub)
5. Fired Up (Peter's Plastic Disco Mix)
6. Fired Up (Junior Vasquez ANTHEM Mix)
7. Fired Up (Angel's Radio Mix)
8. Fired Up (Angel's DDDDeep Vocal Mix)
9. Fired Up (Angel's Deep-a-Pella)

Size Queen - Walk (USCDMS)

Size Queen - "Walk"
1996 Tribal America Records.
Click Above For HQ SCANS/256vbr.

1. Walk (Radio Edit)
2. Walk (Catwalk Club Mix)
3. Walk (Paul's Groove) * Bonus Cut
4. Walk (Catwalk Dub)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kristine W - One More Try (Remixes)

original version
radio edit (remix edit)
monster mix edit
monster mix
junior's sound factory edit
junior's sound factory mix
david morales "def" club mix
rollo & sister bliss radio edit
rollo & sister bliss club edit
rollo & sister bliss club  mix
rollo's big mix edit
rollo's big mix

if anyone has the dubs, please do send them to me.

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Remixes)

jason nevins rock da club edit
jason nevins radio mix acappella
jason nevins radio mix instrumental
jason nevins mixshow
jason nevins club mix
jason nevins dub
jason nevins ambient candlelight mix
jason nevins reprise

Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away (Remixes) EP

craig j radio mix
craig j big love mixshow
craig j big love club mix
craig j padapella
craig j's big love acappella
chris cox radio mix
chris cox full on club mix
chris cox tweaked dub
ralphi rosario main club mix
ralphi rosario "i want a man" dub
ralphi rosario walk away beats
ralphi rosario acappella

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kevin Aviance - Alive : The Remixes

alive (album version)
alive (the tribalist mix)
alive (millenium funk mix)
alive (junior's translucent mix)
alive (junior's homodustrial beats)
alive (junior's homodustrial dub)
alive (victor calderone peak hour mix)
alive (victor vs tribalist mix)
alive (victor's bonus beats)

one of the greatest dance records ever recorded (IMO)
loud, stomping, hands in the air remixes, my fave is the millenium funk mix.

En Vogue - Funky Remixes (Japanese Promo) [Atlantic AMCY-504]

En Vogue
Funky Remixes EP [AMCY-504]
Atlantic Records / Japanese Promo

My Lovin' (Hyper Radio Mix)

Give It Up,Turn It Loose (Kevin's Jazz Mix)

Giving Him Something He Can Feel (Edit)

My Lovin' (Extended Edit)

Give It Up,Turn It Loose ('Welcome To The Ghetto'Hip Hop Edit)

Free Your Mind (James' Remix Edit)

Free Your Mind (Theo's Rec And Wreck Edit)

Nick Scotti - Get Over [US Maxi Single] (9 40711-2)

Nick Scotti 
Get Over (Remixes) [US CD Maxi Single]
1993 Reprise Records /9 40711-2

1.Roger's Slammin' Radio Mix
2.Roger's Slammin' Club Mix
3.BT Classic Club Mix
4.Todd Terry's 12' Mix
5.Nu Solution Dub
6.Album Version

a delicious pop song penned by Madonna, who also supplies backing vocals.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Killers - Mr Brightside (Remixes)

The Killers - Mr Brightside (Remixes)

Richard "Humpty" Vission Killer Edit
Richard "Humpty" Vission Killer Mix
Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix
Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Dub
The Lindbergh Palace Mix

John Kano Presents Joey Rolon - Cafe Con Leche (US12')

John Kano Presents Joey Rolon - Cafe Con Leche
AV 031 _AV8 Records / US 12'

Main Mix
John Kano No Vox Mix
Junior O In Da Mix
Lord G & Junior O Sunday Dub

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jonathan Peters Presents Luminaire - Flower Duet 99

Jonathan Peters Presents Luminaire - Flower Duet 99
1999 Glass Note Records/ GN5006-2

Flower Duet '99 (Jonathan Peters Club Mix) (9:57)
Flower Duet '99 (Radio Edit) (3:38)
Flower Duet '99 (J.P.'s Sound Factory Mix) (11:24)
Flower Duet '99 (J.P.'s Bonus Beats

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted (US PROMO)

Cold Hearted (US 12" Single) 0-96546

Cold Hearted (7" Edit)
Cold Hearted (Extended Version)
Cold Hearted (Quiverin' 12")
Cold Hearted (Cold Hearted House Mix)
Cold Hearted (Dubstramental)
Cold Hearted (Percapella)
One Or The Other

Billie Ray Martin - Systems Of Silence

Billie Ray Martin - Systems Of Silence
2001 Sonnehestal Records

Cpt. Bypass Mix
Oliver Moldan's Deep And Full Radio Mix
Oliver Moldan's Deep And Full Vocal Mix

Oliver Moldan's Dirty Mix
Junior Vasquez Mix

Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Definitive Dutch Remixes)

Witch Doktor (Definitive Dutch Remixes)
Basic Records / The Netherlands / BASIC 232-2

Witch Doktor (Radio Edit) (3:23)
Witch Doktor (The Orientalist Mix) (6:08)
Witch Doktor (Lemon 8 Mix) (7:57)
Witch Doktor (Bizarre Supreme Mix) (5:45)
Witch Doktor (Chestnut Mix) (7:25)
Witch Doktor (Free Inside Mix) (5:41)
Witch Doktor (Da Juice Mix) (6:26)
Witch Doktor (Sammy Sal Mix) (7:56)
Witch Doktor (Original 12" Mix) (6:46)

Beyonce - Work It Out

Beyonce - Work It Out (UK 12' Vinyl)
2002 / Columbia Records /COL 672687 6

Azza NuSoul Mix
Calderone & Quayle Blow Your Horn Dub
Maurice Nu Soul Mix
Ron Carroll New Electric Mix

Beyonce - Work It Out (US 12' Promo)
2002 / Columbia Records

1.Work It Out (Victor Calderone Vocal Mix)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Duncan Sheik - Reasons For Living

duncan sheik - reasons for living
1997 arista records / us cd- maxi single

johnny vicious mix
pqm bootleg revisited mix
la leche remix
johnny vicious grove-a-pella
album version

Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things

annie lennox - a thousand beautiful things
2003 BMG uk promo / j.records US 2x2 12'

bimbo jones stealth mix
bimbo jones stealth dub
blu mar ten vocal
blu mar ten dub
chambers remix
squint remix
peter rauhofer beautiful strings anthem
peter rauhofer short remix

Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks

annie lennox - pavement cracks (remixes)
2003 j.records.

goldtrix club edit
goldtrix club mix
glodtrix extended vocal
goldtrix dub
mac quayle radio mix
mac quayle extended mix
shanghai surprise radio mix
shanghai surprise vocal mix
shanghai surprise instrumental
the scumfrog vocal mix
the scumfrog dub
gabriel & dresden mixshow
gabriel & dresden mix
gabriel & dresden 808 remix

Sarah Mclachlan - Sweet Surrender

sweet surrender (remixes)
1998 arista records/ US cd single / 07822-13453-2

album version
radio remix
roni size remix
uberzone remix

sweet surrender remixes
2001 nettwerk records / CA - cd single /0 6700 33125 2 3

dj tiesto remix edit
dj tiesto remix
boilerhouse mix
"i love you" (bt mix)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Deborah Cox - Something Happened On The Way To Heaven/Starting With You (Digital EP)

deborah cox remixed
2003 j.records / digital ep

something happened on the way to heaven
junior's radio mix
junior vasquez mixshow
junior vasquez club mix

starting with you
danny sullivan & kemist radio mix
danny sullivan & kemist club mix

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Donna Delory -Praying For Love (UKCDS)

donna delory - praying for love
1993 mca records uk cds

praying for love (edit)
praying for love (ali baba mix)
praying for love (ali baba extended mix)
think it over (murk boys vocal mix)
think it over (donna got murked)

Donna Delory - Just A Dream (UKCDS)

donna delory - just a dream
1993 mca records / uk cds

7' remix
album version
groovier mix
hague&drake alternative pop mix
justin strauss mix
c&c posse house mix
dan's extended house mix

George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart/Without You (CDS)

george lamond - bad of the heart
1990 columbia records.44K 73414

single version
club mix
1990 club mix
1990 instrumental
dub mix
"without you" (extended mix)

Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (1992 CDS)

paul lekakis  - boom boom 1992 CDS

club mix
original version
radio edit
12' remix instrumental
tv track

Salt N Pepa - RU Ready (UK CDS)

salt n pepa - ru ready (remixes)
1997 london records/ ukcds/ FCD 322, 570 055-2

e.e.c radio edit
attica blues remix
attica blues instrumental
the party mix
album version

Deborah Cox - House Is Not A Home (Digital EP)

deborah cox - house is not a home
2005 j.records / digital ep

radio edit
extended radio edit
club mix
radio edit instrumental
club mix instrumental
dio's i'll be your radio mix
dio's i'll be your mishow
dio's i'll be your club mix
moran/rigg radio mix
moran/rigg mixshow sexy
moran/rigg anthem club mix

Deborah Cox - Play Your Part (Digital EP)

deborah cox - play your part
2003 j.records - digital ep

leading role radio mix
gabriel & dresden radio mix
grooev junkies radio mix
leading role mixshow
leading role club mix
leading role dub
gabriel & dresden modjolation vocal mix
garbiel & dresden mental dubstramental
groove junkies classic mix
leading role a cappella
gabriel  & dresden a cappella

Deborah Cox - It's Over Now (Digital EP)

deborah cox - it's over now
1999 j records digital ep

album version
allstar remix
hex hector retro-future radio remix (yummy)
hex hector retro-future mix
hex hector retro-future vocal dub
hex hector club mix
hex hector mixshow
hex hector dub
junior vasquez anthem mix
junior vasquez club dub

Deborah Cox - I Never Knew (DigitalEP)

deborah cox - i never knew (remixes)
1998 j records / digital ep
(found on arista us promo 12' / ARDP-3861)

hani remix
hani mixshow
hani anthem vocal mix
deborah in the mix megamix
deborah live show intro

Fanatic Featuring Deborah Cox - Stupid Like You (CDS)


main version / instrumental / acappella

Deborah Cox - Absolutely Not (Digital EP)

deborah cox - absolutely not
2001 j records digital ep

orginal radio mix (edit)
radio mix (tv track)
remix radio
hex hector & mac quayle mixshow
hex hector & mac quayle mixshow instrumental
chanel club mix
chanel dub mix
junior vasquez earth club mix
junior vasquez earth people dub
junior vasquez earth beats

Salt N Pepa - None Of Your Business

salt n pepa - none of your business

perfecto radio edit
perfecto 12' mix
muggs remix
ghetto lab remix
album version

muggs metal remix
heaven n hell (carron hall mix)

TLC - Baby Baby Baby (US 12')

1992 la face records /73008-24032-1

extended remix
remix radio edit
remix rap version
remix instrumental

TLC - Red Light Special

1995 la face records /74321 27366 2

radio edit
l.a. flava remix
gerald hall's remix
my secret enemy

1996 la face records.

alternate radio edit
album version instrumental

TLC - Unpretty (UK 12') + (German CDS)


laface german cds / 74321 70209 2

radio version
don't look any further remix (w/o rap)
don't look any further vocal mix (big boyz dub)
pumpin' dolls clubo mix
pumpin 'dolls radio mix
amber remix

1999 la face uk 12' / 74321 69584 1

mj cole remix (vox up)
mj cole remix (budd dub)
don't look any further remix

Nu Shooz -I Can't Wait (German 12') 786 828-0

786 828-0

american vocal mix

dutch vocal mix (long)

dutch vocal mix (short)

Michael Sembello - Maniac (US 12' Maxi)

1983 casablanca records / CANX 1017 (256vbr)
produced by m.sembello / p.ramone / jellybean

side a - vocal remix / side b - instrumental